What is really important for Magento

Firstly, Magento is the e-commerce platform so, for good functioning it requires at least stable hosting. This general feature is enough for adequate operations with cleared CMS called Magento. But there are many things, which make it work. And Monster Hosting provide all services to make this machine working.


Magento’s nature

Speaking about Magento one can think about the e-commerce and will be right. Generally it’s just good e-shop created by the community, therefore it’s open-source platform. For proper working it needs Zend PHP, MySQL databases as well as various open source platforms like WP, etc.  Though these features backfire in the resource consuming features, which are always associated with the Magento. Therefore it can bring many servers really down and cause overloads. Magento cannot be run on slow servers or shared servers with bad performance. Users will wait for server processing information for long. Avoiding of it lies in the using of the hosting with servers of high performance, Monster Hosting has such servers.

magento hosting

Prediction of resources

However one cannot know what will be needed for great functioning of sites, and cannot predict the necessary performance of servers, as they can be enough for functioning of some particular site and can present a lack of performance, considering the large site. And better to choose the moderate performance that will provide enough performance for light sites, but with increasing of traffic one can easily change to much productive servers. It’s ineffective to buy powerful hosting from the start of site. First month or even year will be signed with constantly increasing of users, but even light servers will take such load. Monster Hosting provide the range of decisions for the entrepreneur to choose from. It can help with the proper decision of hardware used for site.
There are peculiar features that have Monster Hosting comparing it with others:

  • The most important characteristics of every hosting is uptime. Uptime is time that server is turned on, server should work 24/24. Otherwise it can miss some orders or user will encounter disabled site. Monster Hosting provides 24/24 uptime for each server, even for cheap options. Furthermore there are planned assignments, which can be carried out through the admin’s interface called “crons” these things require constant working of the server.
  • Load speed is also quite important characteristic of hosting, it improves site’s usability and helps users to stay on site. Slowly loading site scare people making them to find another site with quicker load speed.
  • Server specifications should be clearly compatible with all requirements, which have Magento, otherwise it can be installed improperly. Considering the Monster Hosting it is specially designed for the Magento so it will work with this CMS in colors.
  • Ordering the hosting people always notice the price for the hosting. Hard to find a very cheap hosting with perfect services. New companies can reduce the prices, but they have not developed their structure and there can appear lags or overloads of servers. So better decision to work with certified providers like Monster Hosting that will provide reliable hosting services for absolutely reasonable price.