Now you can easily manage your web site!

If your company is looking for an easy and affordable method to maintain a dynamic website, take a look at The “JC Web Design” WebAdmin Content Management System.

On-Line Demos for Live and Pre-Formatted Presentations
View some of our modules in action from our demonstration section of our website. more.

“JC Web Design” Edit Processor adds content to your pages. For users with no programming knowledge, there is an easy to use editor that works like a word processor to lay out your information exactly how you want it. For advanced users, there is back end administration where dynamic templates can be pre-formatted and controlled for specific sections of your site.

Collect information from your website. The system offers a ready made way to have information emailed to you from the web. Just create any form and the system will have the information entered by your visitors emailed to whoever you specify. No special scripting is needed to send the form to intended target.

Navigation Manager lets you control the links that appear on your site’s navigation. Add and remove links as your business focus changes to make sure that your most relevant information is always available to your customers.

Sell your products and services online. With a wealth of configuration options you can set up an e-commerce powerhouse and start to realize a profit from your website.

We specialize in web design tailored for your unique business objectives. We offer web site design and web development for new and existing web sites.


There are three separate start-up costs (more with e-commerce sites) associated with beginning a web site. These are described below:
Domain Name:

  • $70.00 for 1st two years. (Registered through InterNIC)
  • Magento Web Site Hosting:
  • begins around $35.95 a month, depending on your needs. (Can choose any company for web hosting.)
  • Web design and development – HTML5 and CSS3 custom template